Guianacara Owroewefi: An Uncommon Cichlid Fish Pet

unusual pet guianacara owroewefi

Welcome to the world of Guianacara Owroewefi, an uncommon cichlid fish pet that promises to add a touch of uniqueness and intrigue to your aquarium.

Originating from the Guyana and Suriname region, these fascinating creatures exhibit a peaceful temperament, with occasional bursts of aggression during the mating season.

Sporting impressive physical features, such as well-developed dorsal and anal fins, translucent pectoral fins, and a captivating golden-brown coloration with a bluish-gray undertone, Guianacara Owroewefi is a species that demands attention.

But there's much more to discover about their care, tank mates, and unique aspects that make them truly remarkable.

So, let's dive into the depths of this enigmatic cichlid fish and unravel its secrets.

Key Takeaways

  • Guianacara Owroewefi is a unique and peaceful cichlid fish species found in Guyana and Suriname.
  • They require a minimum tank size of 55 inches and water temperature between 77.0 to 82.0 F.
  • Owning them as pets adds uniqueness to an aquarium, but they should be kept with compatible tank mates.
  • Regular tank cleaning and maintenance, as well as providing hiding spots and territories, are necessary for their health and well-being.

General Information

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Guianacara Owroewefi, a cichlid fish species found primarily in the Guyana and Suriname region, is known for its peaceful temperament and unique physical characteristics. Owning a Guianacara Owroewefi as a pet has several benefits.

Firstly, these fish are relatively uncommon, making them a unique and interesting addition to any aquarium. Additionally, they are relatively small in size, ranging from 2 to 5.5 inches, which makes them suitable for tanks of various sizes.

When setting up the ideal tank for Guianacara Owroewefi, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. The tank size should be a minimum of 55 inches to provide enough space for these fish to swim and thrive. The water conditions should be maintained at a temperature of 77.0 to 82.0 F. Providing a habitat with stones, roots, and driftwood is essential, as well as avoiding the presence of plants.

Regular tank cleaning and maintenance is necessary to prevent health concerns such as fin rot and hole in the head disease.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of Guianacara Owroewefi, a cichlid fish species native to the Guyana and Suriname region, include well-developed dorsal and anal fins, a short and almost translucent pectoral fin, and a homocercal caudal fin. These features contribute to their agility and maneuverability in the water. Additionally, Guianacara Owroewefi exhibits a light golden-brown coloration with a bluish-gray tinge on the lower half of their body and fins. This color variation adds to their aesthetic appeal and makes them visually striking in an aquarium setting. When it comes to breeding behavior, Guianacara Owroewefi is known to become more aggressive during mating season, displaying territorial and courtship behaviors. Their physical characteristics and color variation make them a captivating and innovative choice for fish enthusiasts.

Physical Characteristics
Well-developed dorsal fin
Well-developed anal fin
Short and almost translucent pectoral fin
Homocercal caudal fin
Light golden-brown color with bluish-gray tinge on lower half of body and fins
Agile and maneuverable in water
Unique and visually striking appearance
Aggressive during mating season
Display territorial and courtship behaviors

Care and Maintenance

daily care and upkeep

To properly care for and maintain Guianacara Owroewefi, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to ensure their health and well-being.

Feeding habits play a crucial role in their care. As omnivorous fish, they require a varied diet consisting of live, frozen, and dry foods. It is recommended to provide them with a mix of high-quality pellets, flakes, and occasional live or frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms.

Additionally, tank setup is vital for their overall health. They thrive in warm water conditions with a temperature range of 77.0 to 82.0 F. The tank should be a minimum of 55 inches in size and should include stones, roots, and driftwood to simulate their natural habitat. It is important to note that Guianacara Owroewefi prefer tanks without plants.

Regular tank cleaning and maintenance are necessary to prevent health concerns such as fin rot and hole in the head disease.

Tank Mates

When considering suitable tank mates for Guianacara Owroewefi, it is important to select medium to large-sized fishes that are compatible with their peaceful temperament. During the mating season, these cichlids can become more aggressive, so it is crucial to choose tank mates that can handle their behavior.

Suitable tank mates for Guianacara Owroewefi include other members of the Geophagus genus of Cichlids, such as Angelfish and Severum. These species have similar temperaments and can coexist peacefully in the same tank.

Additionally, it is recommended to select medium to large-sized fishes that can hold their own against any aggressive behavior displayed by Guianacara Owroewefi during mating season. This will help maintain a harmonious environment within the tank and prevent any potential conflicts.

Health Concerns

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As we shift our focus to the subtopic of Health Concerns, it is crucial to address the potential ailments that Guianacara Owroewefi may encounter in order to ensure their optimal well-being. Two common health concerns for this Cichlid fish are fin rot and hole in the head disease. These conditions can be prevented through regular tank cleaning and maintenance. By maintaining good water quality and ensuring a clean environment, the risk of these diseases can be minimized. Regular water changes, removal of uneaten food, and proper filtration are essential for preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria and parasites that can lead to these ailments. Additionally, monitoring the fish's behavior and appearance is essential to detect any signs of illness early on. By following these preventive measures, Guianacara Owroewefi can thrive in a healthy and disease-free environment.

Health Concerns Preventive Measures
Fin rot Regular tank cleaning and maintenance
Hole in the head disease Regular tank cleaning and maintenance

Habitat Requirements

The ideal habitat for Guianacara Owroewefi, a cichlid fish native to the Guyana and Suriname region, requires warm water with stones, roots, and driftwood, devoid of plants, and a minimum tank size of 55 inches.

Setting up the perfect Guianacara Owroewefi tank involves providing the ideal environment for these unique fish. Here are some important considerations:

  • Water conditions:
  • Temperature: Maintain a range of 77.0 to 82.0°F to ensure optimal health and activity.
  • Water quality: Regular testing and maintenance to ensure proper pH levels and low ammonia and nitrate levels.
  • Tank setup:
  • Decor: Use stones, roots, and driftwood to create hiding spots and territorial boundaries.
  • Avoid plants: Guianacara Owroewefi prefer open spaces and do not require vegetation.

Unique Aspects and Considerations

uniqueness and special considerations

Having established the necessary habitat requirements for Guianacara Owroewefi, it is important to delve into the unique aspects and considerations of caring for these cichlid fish.

One important consideration is their behavior during mating season. While generally peaceful, Guianacara Owroewefi can become aggressive during this time, especially towards other males. It is crucial to monitor their behavior closely and provide enough hiding spots and territories to minimize aggression.

Additionally, regular tank cleaning and maintenance play a vital role in the health and well-being of these fish. Neglecting tank cleaning can lead to the buildup of waste, which can cause water quality issues and potentially harm the fish. Therefore, regular cleaning, including water changes and removal of debris, is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving Guianacara Owroewefi tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Guianacara Owroewefi Suitable for Beginners or Experienced Fish Keepers?

Guianacara Owroewefi can be suitable for both beginners and experienced fish keepers. Pros include their unique appearance and peaceful temperament. Cons include specific care requirements and potential health concerns. Tips for successful care include proper diet, habitat setup, and regular monitoring.

How Long Do Guianacara Owroewefi Live on Average?

The average lifespan of Guianacara Owroewefi, an uncommon cichlid fish, is approximately 8 to 10 years when provided with proper care requirements. Regular monitoring of their health and behavior is essential for ensuring their well-being and longevity.

Can Guianacara Owroewefi Be Kept in a Community Tank With Small or Delicate Fish?

Guianacara Owroewefi can be kept in a community tank with small or delicate fish, provided they are compatible with other cichlids. Feeding habits include an omnivorous diet, requiring a mix of live, frozen, and dry foods.

What Is the Breeding Behavior of Guianacara Owroewefi?

The breeding behavior of Guianacara owroewefi involves the formation of monogamous pairs, elaborate courtship displays, and the depositing of eggs on flat surfaces. They prefer warm water habitats with sandy substrates and ample hiding spots for successful breeding.

Do Guianacara Owroewefi Require Any Specific Water Parameters for Optimal Health and Well-Being?

Guianacara Owroewefi requires specific water parameters, such as a temperature range of 77.0 to 82.0 F, for optimal health and well-being. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced fish keepers and have an average lifespan of several years.


In conclusion, Guianacara Owroewefi is a captivating and unique cichlid fish pet that requires proper care and maintenance. Its peaceful nature and beautiful physical characteristics make it an attractive addition to any aquarium.

By providing a suitable environment and monitoring their health and behavior, owners can ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience with these remarkable fish. Remember to consult with experts and conduct thorough research to meet their specific care requirements.

Owning a Guianacara Owroewefi is like having a living work of art in your home.