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Always popular, because of their bright colours and active disposition, are the mainstay of our hobby.

However, apart from the species found in every Shop such as the Platies, Guppies and Swordtails of which there are many pictures available on the "net"  there are many more unusual species which are generally easy to keep, easy to breed and although perhaps not so garishly coloured are treasured for their patterns and rarity.

We have always tried to obtain these unusual species and in fact Monty does  keep and breed several of them at home so that they are available for all and wont be lost to the hobby.

Some of the unusual species we have available are as follows:-

Just click on the thumbnails to see the full picture

Endler's Livebearer

These are an amazing little fish, males only grow to about 3cm.This is the standard form

Snakeskin Endlers

Again fast breeding and a rare colour form

Black Chin Livebearer

The name comes from the little males colouring.Hardy and easy to keep and breed

Black Chin Livebearer

Growing much larger than the male the female lacks the black chin.

Hump Back Limia

Once again, easy to keep and breed, these are an attractive fish with an unusual shape

Blue Limia

Difficult to obtain, we have a strong strain giving males with stunning colour and females with a strikingblue stomach.

Celebes Halfbeak

A most unusual livebearer, this has a very attractive colour as well as an unusual shape

Mosquito Fish

Known as the "Millions" fish, this fish is obne of the smallest fish known to science .It is a trickle breeder, with the female dropping a few "fry" daily

Phallocerous Caudomaculatus Reticulatus

A lovely fish with aname thats far too big for it.The male is more intensely patterned than the female

Phallocerous Maculatus Reticulatus

Another picture showing their lovely patterning.

Easy to keep and breed, but quite rare in the hobby

Usually sold in pairs we can usually sell young "fry " of the above, if you prefer, when you wish to obtain a breeding colony .

More Pictures Soon

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